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AQUADECK – The Aquadeck slatted cover is synonymous with a perfect fit and the use of state-of-the-art, specially selected materials meeting aesthetic requirements. Aquadeck is unique without making concessions in terms of essential aspects such as energy saving, child safety, ease of operation, chemicals and maintenance advantages. The impact and UV-stabilised PVC slats are manufactured to Aquadeck’s specifications. Thanks to the high user-friendliness of the Aquadeck slatted cover, you will not only close it for the night, but also for shorter periods during the day. This will save energy and ensure optimum use of your swimming pool. The Aquadeck also offers safety, as when it is closed, playing children and/or pets cannot fall into the pool. The slats are strong enough to hold the weight of a child, although it is not designed to walk on. Recently added to the range are the polycarbonate slats, which increase the safety weight load up to 80kg.

SOLAR BLANKETS – Solar blankets are available in either black or blue and, for larger pools, a roll-up station is recommended, but a solar cover will heat your pool up to 6 to 8 degrees, extending your swimming season. A covered pool also assists in reducing water evaporation. Pools lose heat through wind action and at night when the ambient temperature drops. Whether your pool is mechanically heated or not, a thermal cover prevents the water temperature from dropping by as much as 80%.

POOL SAFETY NETS – A safety net is designed in such a way as to make it easy to put on and remove. By simply loosening the tension rope, all tension is released within the net and it may be removed with ease. The pre-shrunk net mesh of 8cm makes it impossible for even the smallest toddler’s head to go through. Ponds, pools and spas can be fitted with either black or blue netting.

SOLID PVC COVERS – This product is drawn over aluminium poles on the coping and the cover’s tension is tightened with simple ratchet devices. Less garden debris collects in the pool and, if correctly treated prior to covering, water remains clear and pH stable. This is an excellent way to winterize a pool. Colour choices are blue, black, white, green or beige and the cover bears the weight of 2 adults and a child.

LEAF CATCHERS – This product is made from 90% shade cloth or PVC mesh and is available in blue. It is NOT to be used as a safety cover. It is secured to the coping with hooks and eyelets and may protect small pets from entering the water.

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We have a wide range of pre-fabricated (either free-standing or drop-in) spas, allowing for a quick and easy installation. We offer customized spas and vitality pools, designed to suit your requirements, in any surface finish of your choice.


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we offer a wide range of both indoor and
outdoor customized water features, both
aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear.


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Island Pools has been pro-active in keeping up to date with ever-changing trends. The latest innovation in pool design is the quest for the eco-friendly, chemical free pool. A prime example is our natural pool, which embraces a substantial eco-system, allowing plants and small water creatures to live in harmony with humans swimming in the pool.

pre-molded pools

  • Decreased construction and installation time
  • A relatively splash-free pool with its attractive shadow line
  • An overflow system into a holding tank and top-up system
  • Reduced power consumption with LED and fibre-optic lights
  • Excellent circulation with 6 concealed stainless steel aim flows supported by a ring feed
  • Concealed skimmer box

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move your pool with you

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