nspi logo 4Island Pools is a proud member of the National Spa and Pool Institute (better known as the NSPI). This watchdog organisation was formed in 1972 and has the interests of the industry as a whole at heart. The aim of the NSPI has always been to provide pool owners with peace of mind. Only companies that have been in business and trading under the same name for at least two years qualify to join the organisation. Members are set stringent standards in order to qualify, including financial checks. No company with a judgement against it may join and the owners must abide by a strict code of ethics.

Not only has Island Pools been a continuous member since qualifying on our application in 2008, we are proud to state that we have steadily won prestigious awards since joining this organisation.

These awards have made Island Pools the most awarded NSPI pool builder in recent years.

2016 - National Pool of the Year 2016 | Residential Moulded Fibreglass

2016 - Gold Award | Residential Moulded Fibreglass: Over 40m2

2016 - Gold Award | Pool Finishes

2016 - Silver Award | Pool Covers

2015 - Regional Awards | Residential Gunite/Conrete

2015 - Gold Award | Residential Gunite/Conrete: Over 40m2

2015 - Gold Award | Residential Moulded Fibreglass: up to 20m2

2015 - Gold Award | Pool Finishes: Shell not installed by member

2014 - Gold Award | Spas: One Piece Moulded or Concrete

2014 - Gold Award | Restoration: Any size and type

2014 - Gold Award | Pool Finishings: Shell not constructed or installed by member

2014 - Silver Award | Residential Moulded Fibreglass: Over 40m2

2014 - Silver Award | Unusual Structural or Engineering Skills

2013 - Silver Award | Pool Finishings

2013 - Silver Award | Residential Gunite Handpack Concrete Pools over 20m2 with Combined Special Surround and or Features

2013 - Silver Award | Residential Gunite Handpack Concrete Pools up to 20m2 with Combined Special Surround and or Features

2012 - winners of 1 silver and 3 gold awards including regional pool of the year

2011 - winners of 2 silver and 1 gold award

2010 - winners of 5 gold awards including regional pool of the year

2009 - gold award winner

2008 - silver award winner

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We have a wide range of pre-fabricated (either free-standing or drop-in) spas, allowing for a quick and easy installation. We offer customized spas and vitality pools, designed to suit your requirements, in any surface finish of your choice.


heating & safety



we offer a wide range of both indoor and
outdoor customized water features, both
aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear.


au naturale
Island Pools has been pro-active in keeping up to date with ever-changing trends. The latest innovation in pool design is the quest for the eco-friendly, chemical free pool. A prime example is our natural pool, which embraces a substantial eco-system, allowing plants and small water creatures to live in harmony with humans swimming in the pool.

pre-molded pools

  • Decreased construction and installation time
  • A relatively splash-free pool with its attractive shadow line
  • An overflow system into a holding tank and top-up system
  • Reduced power consumption with LED and fibre-optic lights
  • Excellent circulation with 6 concealed stainless steel aim flows supported by a ring feed
  • Concealed skimmer box

free standing

move your pool with you

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Telephone number: 044 382 0319

Fax number: 086 297 4016

Physical address: 2 Waenhout Street, Industrial Area, Knysna

Postal address: P.O Box 2472 Knysna 6570

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